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cookie cutters falling down, falling down, falling down. . .

its the weirdest thing. . .after late clubbing, I have the oddest sleep schedule. Its usally when I roll though; I'll crash around 5/6 and wake up 8 or nine, go back to sleep for a few hours and repeat the process until I get up sometime between 10 and noon. Post-Sandra was that way. . .that really speaks subtle volumes to how her set/the evening was.

It started out with cleaning. . .its nice to feel like my life is getting back in order. Then to Brenny's house where we watched some tube and had some tea. We met Cindy at her place and her cousin shortly after. It was polarity. . .her cousin seemed to have an us and them attitude towards myself and Brenny, but thats ignorable. Anyway, we got super hooked up. . .back elevator entrance, sans cover, into the club, free drink. . .made the us and them theory even more ignorable.
The evening faded on with beats, glowsticks and words in spheres of crystal from J to C - little drops of hope to bridge a percieved gap of understanding. C ended up leaving early though, having partied hard the night before and worked that day. . .

. . .I'm waking up earlier again, like there is a purpose. . .I have hope that its not just my optimism towards her, I've seen this morning view fade past the sunset and into night before and its not something I care to watch happen again. Matter of fact, I see the genesis of this perspective, a root that reaches out to shine down light, coloring all I see. I see. . .I see. . .

And then Sandra came on. And she fuckin' tore that place in half. The energy appeared suddenly in her songs, keeping her from being predictable. But it just didn't stop. . .I remember looking at the clock and seeing 1:42 am, then going up for a cigarette, talking with a girl I met for a while, going back downstairs to dance with her. . .and then it was 4 am all of a sudden. I highly recomend seeing Sandra live if you're able.
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