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its turning, turning around. . .

Rachel, rachel, rachel. Has it been five years? It seems longer and shorter.

We spent last night @ a lovely destination known as La Dulce Vida in the back alleys of upper crust La Jolla. We spent the evening over wine and food, recounting what we've been doing over the last five years. (I can still hear Thich Naht Hahn sayin- "its taken all your live for you to get where you are now") I like things like that- but I also feel at a loss for words to a certain extent. How can we possibly fill 7 people in on each others life over the last five years? Ironically I've been in San Diego the whole time and I was as interested as hearing about what all the current and past PB House residents have been up to as what Rachel has been up to.

The wachow and I spent the afternoon sipping on coffee at the Panakin and recounting our lives seperate and together. We made a stop down at the tide pools in order for her to continue her strange tradition of transporting hermit crabs to different tide pools. Interestingly- I discovered a mortal fear I have of things with shells and pincers, at least while they're under water. How embarrassing.

I miss rachel though- I loved how we could call her on our bullshit and sit around doing nothing for hours.

Hope to see her again soon =)

Btw- Hi again everyone! I've decided LJ is FTW again, so I'll bb on it more regularly, as slaying ogres on WoW permits.
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