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drop kick the punks, call out the freaks

Man life is wacked out right now. Apparently someone visited in the night, body snatcher style, and took me into a starring role in the Twilight Zone.

1) GPA is looking like its going to be down at least 1 whole point this semester. Do I care? Not really: my parents might have a heart attack about me having 2 c's on my transcript. . .but then again thats why they don't see my transcript, isn't it?

2) wtf am I hanging out with people who are megmega younger than me? Well, strike that. Thats not the right question at all. wtf are people being asses lately and judgmental? aka- feel free to kiss my ass and pay more attention to your life.

So, numbers are like stairs. You can take the steps if you want or you can chill. So if someone is 19 or 21 and loves stairs vs. someone who is 26 is mr./ms. chill-o-operator, whats the difference? I'm not interested in people's characteristics, what their resume says. I'm an experience oriented person. Tell me whats on your mind. Tell me what you love, tell me what makes you happy. And lets go do that, 'cause I want to know how I feel about that. I'm not interested in how much money you make in a year or what your ego needs to make you get up in the morning and get to point B. Check that at the door, I don't want to know the parts that make you. . .thats the ol' forest-for-the-trees dealio. Thats, I'm in the conceptional boat. So. . .if you could have your people send that over to my people, that'd be great.

In the self examination category: There is a lot to be said about the parts that people wrap around their Self. I mean, its like choosing the fabric and pattern for the dress you're inspired to create. And while I see the creation as completely derivative of the Self, its still a representation. I find myself in the metaphorical bunker, living in Southern Califonia where people are more focused on the parts that make up someone's identity than on that person, feeling quite the outcast. So to be fair in the representation, I do need to make some peace and surround myself with things that are indicative of my Self. . .but balance pls, kk?
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