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(I can go. . .with the flow)?

School this morning. . .i had 4 parking spots jacked.

Me: "Hey, are you leaving?"

Them: "Yeah"

Me: "Can I have your spot?"

Then: -blond moment- "Uh, yeah. . .sure."

End result they go to their spot, someone else beats me to it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The highlight by far was when I followed one guy to his car, the usual happened. But! Someone else came to leave in the meantime right next ot him and there was another care in front of me at the time. End result? I lose out on two spaces.

But, our valiant class goer is not to be outdone! I got the rockstar spot right next to the bottom of the steps, so NYAH!

Anyway. . .time to try and russle up some midnight tix to SWIII.
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